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Review Article
Selective internal radiation therapy across Barcelona Clinic Liver Cancer (BCLC) stages of hepatocellular carcinoma: literature review
Paul Vigneron, Maria Stella Franzè, Julia Chalaye, Vania Tacher, Anna Sessa, Alain Luciani, Hicham Kobeiter, Hélène Regnault, Ancuta Bejan, Julien Calderaro, Rami Rhaiem, Daniele Sommacale, Giovanni Raimondo, Vincent Leroy, Raffaele Brustia, Giuliana Amaddeo
Published online: 06 June 2024
Original Article
Long- and short-term outcomes for resectable gallbladder carcinoma patients treated with curative-intent laparoscopic versus open resection: a multicenter propensity score-matched comparative study
Zhi-Peng Liu, Xing-Xing Su, Long-Fei Chen, Xue-Lei Li, Yi-Shi Yang, Zhi-Long You, Xiao-Lin Zhao, Fan Huang, Chao Yu, Zhao-Ping Wu, Wei Chen, Jin-Xue Zhou, Wei Guo, Da-Long Yin, Ping Yue, Rui Ding, Yi Zhu, Wei Chen, Yan Jiang, Jie Bai, Jing-Jing Wang, Yan-Qi Zhang, Dong Zhang, Hai-Su Dai, Wan Yee Lau, Zhi-Yu Chen; The Biliary Surgery Branch of Elite Group of Chinese Digestive Surgery (EGCDS)
Published online: 16 May 2024
Review Article
The Dallas Donation after Circulatory Death Transplantation Summit: expanding donation after circulatory death procedures through process improvement, broader utilization, and innovation
Michele Finotti, Anji Wall, Anthony D’Alessandro, Gary Schwartz, Chris Sonnenday, David Goldberg, Ashish Shah, Peter Friend, Jeff P. Orlowski, Greg McKenna, Steve Newton, Brad Adams, William C. Chapman, Amit Mathur, Marwan Abouljoud, Tim Pruett, Amelia Hessheimer, James F. Trotter, Sumeet K. Asrani, Giuliano Testa
Published online: 25 April 2024